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Vardenafil (Levitra) is a commonly suggested anti-impotence agent particularly meant for guys that have difficulty attaining an erection that would be hard enough to have sex. Take this medicine 60 minutes prior to having sex to give for its optimal performance. You can anticipate 4 hrs of Vardenafil impacts from that factor. You could continue with the treatment although you may get any one of the complying with mild adverse effects, such as flushing, flu-like signs, drippy or stuffy nose, problem, upset belly, and heartburn. If you get serious negative side effects, such as unexpected eyesight loss, penis erection that is painful or lasts 4 hrs or longer, puffinessing in your hands, sweating, shortness of breath, seizure, breast pain, irregular heartbeat, abrupt hearing reduction, supplanting your ears, queasiness, general ill feeling, or sensation light-headed, speak with your healthcare supplier as soon as feasible. Your physician is expected to understand your full medical history before suggesting Vardenafil, particularly regarding such health care problems as blood embolisms or movement, renal system or liver illness, inherited eye problems, angina, cardiac arrest, stomach abscess, low or very high blood tension, bleeding disorder, blood cell disorder, heart rhythm problems, or cardiac arrest.

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